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From Episode Eight, The Road to Minot – Kennedy Zuroff  Listen

Number 23 Kennedy Zuroff


From Episode Seven, Gwen Sebastian

In Episode 7 we meet Gwen Sebastian, Nashville based, North Dakota born Singer-songwriter.

Gwen Sebastian
Gwen Sebastian


From Episode Six, ‘Kiana Schatz’  Listen

In Episode 6 we meet Kiana Schatz and her father Byron.  Kiana is a returning starter on the Glen Ullin / Hebron lady bearcats basketball team.  The lady bearcats were the Region 7 champions during the 2016 / 2017 season here in North Dakota.   Kiana, Byron and other’s share their thoughts on Kiana as a student, a basketball player and as a member of the local communtity.   Go Bearcats.

Kiana Schatz with her mother Mindy and her father Byron. She holds the team region championship plaque and all region team plague.

From Episode Five, ‘EPPING’   Listen

The 1977 Epping Eagles at the state tournament.
Rainbow at the Allard Ranch Basketball court


Don and Mary Allard with their daughter Trisha
1977 Epping Eagles
Don Allard enjoying life.
Number 42, Don Allard of the 1977 Epping Eagles

Epping Eagles coach Larry Overbo is interviewed on TV at the state tournament. Don Allard and Clyce Vinger look on.





From Episode Four, ‘Cowboy Country’  Listen

Ashlee Viveros & the Killdeer Cowboy Basketball squad



The 2016/17 Girls squad in Killdeer ND

From Episode Three, ‘Lonely in a Crowd’ – Listen

Episode 3 Lonely in a Crowd




From Episode Two, ‘Big dreams in Small towns’ Listen









The 2017 Lady Bearcats win Region 7 and head to state. (Parker Cotton / The Dickinson Press)









From Episode One, ‘Starving on the Courts’ – Listen

Conde, SD Gym & School 1956

South Dakota State B 1953 - DakotaBall Podcast